Terms &

KillKapture Raffle, run in conjunction with Veterans Charity Swiss 8 (Swiss Technologies Ltd; ABN 12 629 066 539; 5 Debs Pde, Dudley. NSW 2290) and proudly partnered with “Tough Luxury” Brand KillKapture to Raise Money in Support of Veterans Mental Health.

Promoter Details

Swiss Technologies Ltd, Trading as Swiss 8

 ABN 12 629 066 539

 5 Debs Pde, Dudley

NSW 2290.

Dates and Channels

The Promotion will be run from 12:00pm 1/9/2020 and close at 11:59pm 11/11/2020 and be advertised through the following channels;

Swiss 8 and KillKapture Websites, Social Media (including Facebook and Instagram), Radio and Television networks as well as Online Banners. The sharing of advertising via individual Social Media will also be allowed.

Prizes and Values

A total of 10 prizes are on offer (4 Major, 6 Minor) to the total value of $10,400.

  • 4 Major Prizes consisting of 1 x KillKapture Pathfinder Jacket and 1 x KillKapure Lockdown Belt. Total Valued at $2,300ea

  • 6 Minor Prizes consisting of 1 x KillKapture Lockdown Belt. Total Valued at $200ea

How to Enter

Tickets will be available from the Swiss 8 website (www.swiss8.org) from 12:00pm 1/9/2020 until 11:59pm 11/11/2020.

The Promotion is ONLY open to citizens of Australia over the age of 12. Entrants must have a valid email and phone number, to be provided at the purchase of the ticket. All current and former employees of Swiss8 and KillKapture are also permitted to enter the promotion providing they are citizens of Australia.

Persons under the age of 18 must have consent from a parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, a prize may be awarded to a parent or guardian of a winner who is under the age of 18 on their behalf.

Tickets purchased through any other means other than the approved method will not be valid.

There is no cap on the amount of tickets a single person may purchase.

Place, Date, Time of the Draw

The Draw will Take place at 5:00pm 11/11/2020 with the winners drawn via computerised random selection. A limit of 1 Prize per person will be enforced and if an entrant has been drawn twice, another computerised random selection will occur.

The Location of the Draw will be at the following location;

Coogee Diggers Club

2 Byron st, Coogee

NSW 2034.

Attendees for the draw will include, The CEO of Swiss 8, CEO of KillKapture, Committee Members from the Coogee Diggers Club and an independent official to ensure the correct draw procedures are followed.

Winner Notification

Winners will be notified via Phone and Email within 2 business days of the draw being run (no later than 5:00pm 13/11/2020). 

All winners will be published on Social Media platforms within 5 days of the Promotion ending (no later than 5:00pm 16/11/2020).

Any winners who are have not been in contact by this date will have 12 weeks to come forward and claim their prize. After this period, the winner will forfeit the prize won.

Claiming Prizes

There is no requirement for entrants to be present at the draw to qualify for winning.

Individual prize winners will be asked to provide size details once they have been contacted.

As each individual prize is a custom-made item for each winner, there may be a waiting period between notification and receiving the prize.

The Time period to Hand make a KillKapture Pathfinder Jacket is up to 12 weeks and a KillKapture Lockdown Belt up to 6 weeks. Therefore, winners will be expected to wait the following time period for their prize;

Major winners will have their Prize shipped to their nominated address within 12 weeks.

Minor winners will have their Prize shipped to their nominated address within 6 weeks.

Winner Publication

Winners names and Ticket numbers will be published via the Swiss8 and KillKapture websites ( www.swiss8.org, www.killkapture.com), as well as via The swiss8 and Killkapture Facebook and Instagram social media pages. The Publication will occur no later than 5:00pm 16/11/2020.

Unclaimed Prizes

Winners will have a period of 12 weeks to come forward and claim their prize after initial contact is made (no later than 5:00pm 13/11/2020). 

If the Prize has not been claimed at the end of the 12 week grace period (ending 5/02/2021), the prize will be forfeited and a monetary donation will be made to the promoter (Swiss 8) to the value of the prize.

Purpose of Collection

100% of money raised will be Donated directly to Swiss 8. Swiss 8 is a Veterans Mental Health Charity, centred around 8 key pillars to leading a successful and healthy lifestyle. The team has dedicated themselves to reducing the effects of mental health among Soldiers and works tirelessly to promote a healthy existence. The money raised from this Promotion will directly impact the lives of our nations finest and fund more programs, promotions and partnerships aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of our men and women in the Australian Defence Force.

For more information visit www.Swiss8.org

Personal Information

Swiss 8 will not share personal information outside of the organisation but any personal information (name and email) provided will be stored on a database with absolute discretion, and may be used for the purposes of providing promotional and marketing materials by other means by Swiss 8.

Exchange and Refund

Over the duration and beyond the finishing of the KillKapture Raffle, Swiss 8 will take on Refund situations on a case by case scenario. Any gifting of tickets may be done so with the recipients name and contact details entered as the raffle entrant.

The exchange of prizes will not be considered under the Swiss 8 name. Prizes on offer will be given with KillKaptures respective warranty/returns policy. 

Available at https://www.killkapture.com/shipping-returns/