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Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity founded by Combat Veterans. We are disrupting the current, reactive, mental health care model and making it proactive.

Our veterans have lived experience in dealing with disconnection, loss of identity, loss of purpose, anxiety and depression. Swiss 8 is taking this lived experience to create tools for veterans, and the general public, that assist in building a healthy, high performing lifestyle. 

These digital tools and certified courses will help you connect with your tribe, structure your life for success, create your new identity and find purpose in your existence. 

They will make you, Better at Life.

About the app

Make A


"Absolutely fantastic. Has really helped to motivate me. About time we had this. Thank you."
~ Deb

“Swiss 8 stands to be a real game-changer in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our
~ Clinical Research Psychologist

“Building a routine around Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindfulness is what allowed me to maintain and improve my mental health when I left the military. Now, thanks to this app, the entire veteran community will have access to these life-saving tools.”
~ Former AU Sniper

"I'm not a veteran, I am a uni student with depression and anxiety and with everything being online at the moment and not having any routine at all, this has really helped me."
~ Amy
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