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What's in
a Name?

Your brand needs to define your product and your story. So why did Australian soldiers create a product for Australian and western allied veterans called Swiss 8?

Naming this app took some time. Plenty of ideas were drafted but none of them got the right message across. All first draft names were military based. The digger initiative, Veteran project, Warrior app. But under the microscope they all had too many holes. They were focused on the past.

This isn’t an app just for veterans. It's an app for humans who want to improve their lives. It's an app for people who want to get structure back in their lives and start aiming high again. It was created by veterans and for veterans. But for everyone else as well. The name had to represent the direction forward to new purpose, not a past identity we are struggling to replace.

I was having a mental blank. No new concepts were dawning on me. So I went for a walk.
Strolling down anzac walk, overlooking Merewether beach on a sunny Sunday morning I had the core concepts rolling through my head...

• There are 8 principles to the program.
• The app, the product itself, needs to achieve a high standard of excellence.
• The concept originated to help veterans find peace after a life of war.
• Military life is about discipline, tribe and family.

I just needed a name that ties all these concepts together.
A usual hike to find answers takes a few hours. I normally need to get a sweat on, get into a bit of a flow state then start to think. This time I was only 10 minutes in and the light bulb flickered. I am half Swiss, on my dads side.
Every brand that comes out of Switzerland is aiming for excellence.
High quality and designed for people aiming for success. Swiss trains, Swiss watches, Swiss chocolate, Roger Federer. You get the point.
And this is the big one.
This brand has been created by veterans. Veterans looking for health solutions after a life of conflict. The desired goal is to quiet the conflict in our mind and find peace. Switzerland is neutral, the metaphorical land of peace. 

Neutral ground where people of all walks of life can find inner peace, through the implementation of 8 pillars of health, in order to steer their lives towards excellence.

Swiss 8 - Better at life.

Our Story

I left the army in 2011. An Infantry section commander with a positive career path and strong life purpose. I wanted to be a soldier for life, but life itself had other ideas...

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