Swiss 8 and university of Newcastle research

Swiss 8 and university of Newcastle research

What is it?

Newcastle University is conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Swiss 8 app with ex-serving ADF personnel, to determine the impact that it has on mental health and wellbeing.
The outcomes of this research will guide ongoing program development for the app as well as other intervention strategies for ADF personnel.


Swiss 8 and the University of Newcastle are seeking ex-serving ADF personnel who are looking to improve their quality of life and manage their mental and physical health. You'll be asked to download and use the Swiss 8 app to help build your daily routine and fill out a few short surveys. As a thank you for your participation you will receive a Free Swiss 8 T-Shirt.

Please read the 'Participant Information Statement' and the 'Guidelines for Volunteers' before deciding to participate. If you would like to take part in the research project, please follow the 'Join Study' link above.

Guidelines For Volunteers

Department of Defence and Veteran's Affairs Human Research Ethics Committee - Guideline for Volunteers

Participant Information Statement

Use of Swiss 8 in a contemporary ex-serving Australian Defence Force sample: Evaluating the effectiveness of a new mobile app for managing mental health in the contemporary veteran community.